Rockaden, Sweden’s biggest chess club

Rockaden is the biggest chess club in Sweden. Here you can be certain to find chess players of your own strength, even if you are a Grandmaster – or just getting started. We have hundreds of players, especially juniors, and welcome all new players. ”Rockaden” means ”the castling” in Swedish.

We play and train chess on:
Fridays (main club evening, all levels)
Wednesdays (second club evening, all levels)
Mondays and Thursdays (training groups)
We arrange club tournaments in blitz, long games and online, with an emphasis on the long games.

All levels

We have players at all levels, from young children just starting out and grown-ups who enjoy chess without taking it too seriously, to Grandmasters including Erik Blomqvist and Lars Karlsson.
Regardless of how well – or how badly – you play chess, you can find suitable opponents at Rockaden.

More than 1 000 players

Located in Hägerstensåsen, a southwestern suburb of Stockholm, we have well over 1000 members. Most members are ”juniors” (younger than 20). There are more than a hundred ”senior” players as well.

Juniors & schools

There are hundreds of junior players at Rockaden, and kids can be certain to find many opponents of similar ability in our club. For a promising player, Rockaden is a very good place to develop his or her chess. When we go to national championships we usually rent one or two buses so that we can travel together (inexpensively), and we usually stay together in youth hostels.
Rockaden holds chess activities at several schools in the southern suburbs of Stockholm. Many children start by playing chess in a school, and then move on to play at the club.


We make several efforts aiming to encourage girls in chess:
All-girl training groups.
Separate ”girl’s room” with their own coach when we travel to major national tournaments.
Naturally, girls also take part in all regular activities and tournaments. In Swedish chess, girls and ladies are not excluded from any event.
Traditionally, chess has been a ”male” activity, and there is still a marked majority of male players. However, this is beginning to change, especially in the younger age groups.

Many nationalities

Chess is one of the most multicultural activities that you can find in Sweden. At Rockaden, you will find chess players of many different nationalities.
Speaking Swedish or English is an advantage, but not a requirement, if you want to play at Rockaden. We welcome chess players from any and all cultural backgrounds.

Strong teams

Rockaden´s teams compete in local and national tournaments at every level. Rockaden has won the Swedish team championship, Allsvenskan, the Swedish Junior (20 yrs) team championship and the Swedish Kadett (16 yrs) team championship repeatedly.

How to get in touch

For contact information, telephone no and email, please visit our page ”Kontakt”.
You are also welcome to visit our club just to ”check things out”. Most members will be busy playing in one of our tournaments, but you will probably find someone to play with. Rockaden is a rather ”serious” chess club, where most games are competitive and part of a tournament.
You will find us in Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus, Riksdalersvägen 2, Hägersten.
The subway station Hägerstensåsen is just 400m away and bus 147 stops right outside.
Our tournaments usually start at 6:30 pm.

Membership fees, season 2020/2021

Juniors and students (aged 25 or less) SEK 555/semester.
Senior citizens SEK 760/year.
Other players SEK 1110/year.

Drug-free environment

Rockaden is a drug-free environment.